Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – 2014!


Hey 2014, let’s dance!

We’ll be working across the globe from America to Russia, Spain to India with powerful global brands like Nestle and Unilever (which reminds us to congratulate our client, Unilever for winning Campaign’s Advertiser of the Year! ) delivering awesome music, clever campaigns and smiles all round.

We see our weight gain as a positive thing too! The new Madrid office will continue to build its reputation while the new division, CORD Entertainment will be expanding this year, busting holes in its belt buckle along the way, with projects to rival last year’s Daft Punk Lotus F1 project. And the NY office will continue to flourish like a Manhattan roof garden in summer.

We see ourselves as the agency of record – future thinkers, connectors, idea generators, anticipating the needs of our clients and delivering ideas and strategies before they’re even needed, across the globe, traversing cultures and languages.

Anything’s possible, you just gotta work harder, and get good at jumping hurdles.

We’re humbled to have worked with some of the world’s greatest brands last year, but we aim to work with even more this year. Our team is stronger, more knowledgeable, more experienced than ever before.

What’s our resolution? Well, as Daft Punk once said we’re doing it harder, better, faster stronger. So we aim not just to continue making our clients and brands undeniably happy with undeniably brilliant music, but to strive to find new ways of jumping hurdles – adding a back flip – ensuring the people we work with are as proud of our work as we are.


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