2014 Watchlist


There’s probably an app that predicts who’s going to be big in 2014, but we’ve taken a more traditional, organic approach and used our ears, eyes and that niggly, unshakable feeling that an artist is destined for greatness.

Here goes:

BIPOLAR SUNSHINE: with anthemic melodies and lyrics of heart-breaking honesty,  Adio Marchant represents the truths in the eyes of a generation hiding behind their attitude.

JUNGLE: they’re new, they’ve got that slick n’ sexy vibe nailed, they’re at SXSW this year. What more can we say?!

CHARLOTTE OC: the complete package. A voice so rousing it could give a stone a heartbeat, a face like some mysterious, tropical flower, Miss OC is absolutely next in line for solo stardom.

IYES: they’ve been called the new xx. They sing pretty songs with lavish electronic back drops designed to make you feel something big.

DIGITAL FARM ANIMALS: yes, very silly name. But this London producer makes beats worthy of the number 1 slot on iTunes. Likeable, danceable, memorable.

VANCE JOY: everyone loves a bit of toe tapping, and singer-songwriter Vance Joy from Melbourne, is bound to get all ten of yours going this year.

SAM SMITH: you know his voice already. Now you’re gonna know his face. The Latch singer has created his own niche since working with Disclosure and is totally deserving of the attention he’s going to get this year.

ELLA EYRE: she lent her rich vocals to Rudimental for Waiting All Night which was a very wise move.  She released her EP Deeper in December last year proving she needs NO ONE to make killer tracks.

NONONO: If you haven’t heard this track, you must have been, um, nowhere near any speakers? They’re Swedish, and they make music far deeper than this pop anthem infers.

BANKS: sexy, dark, with a shed load production backing her haunting voice. Rising producers from across the globe want to (and have) worked with her. This year google is going to have to get smarter with key words as Banks is going to be popular.

Listen to the full playlist here:


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