CORD Friday Playlist #2

Racing Glaciers are making their ascent to greatness. They’re a 5-piece new band from up north making colossal, earth shattering indie-rock sounds. New Country is the first taste of a 6-track EP due out in March.

Lacuna from Last Lynx is gloriously laid-back, melodic pop. From Sweden, their fame slowly gathers as the bands two singers, Robin Eveborn and Camilla Dahlstedt take turns on the mic with imploring vocals and longing tones. From an EP, Rifts, out later this year.

Bondax, one of last year’s biggest disco acts have a little secret: they didn’t write, Giving It All, Ed Thomas did. And now he’s going it alone with this down-tempo disco number, On My Own.

This guy has the finest set of lungs south London has ever laid claim to – surely Kwabs is going to be 2014’s finest male vocal talent? And with SOHN on the production, they’re an untouchable force.

Finishing off with 2014’s answer to James Blake (not Blunt), it’s the boy with a voice so painfully beautiful I’m wiping tears from my keyboard as I type.  James Vincent McMorrow’s second album, Post Tropical came out on Jan 14th – you should probably buy it.


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