CORD Friday Playlist #5

If the tube strike has left you feeling less than warm towards humanity, a quick listen to Jack Garratt will send a surge of emotional electricity through your body re-connect you to reality and your fellow Londoners.

Sticking with the powerful stuff, Shivum Sharma a vocalist from London via India is another one of the flux of men in music who are hyper aware of the world and their place in it: and are making it a better place!

Bipolar Sunshine, one of Bacardi Beginnings most successful artists has released Where Did The Love Go just in time for Valentines Day. It’s ok though, it’s not sickly sweet: just the brilliant need-this-on-your-ipod stuff Sunshine is known for.

I Spy is an older track from Mikhael Paskalev but it will kick you right into shape for the weekend. We saw him play last night at Electrowerkz and he stole the heart of every woman and man in there!

Changing the vibe a little and ending with some psych revival from British band, Temples. Taken from their debut Sun Structures out on Heavenly Recordings, Mesmerise does just that. Spiralling, colourful, rose-tinted psychedelic rock to send you merrily on the way into Friday night. Move over Tame Impala!



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