CORD Friday Playlist #6

Although this Friday’s playlist kicks off with a track called We Should Feel Like We’re In Love, in no way are these songs linked to the sentiments of the date. See our anti-Valentines Day playlist for further reference!

Echotape are a Brit band on the cusp of something big. We Should Feel Like We’re In Love is destined for radio A-list in the coming months.

The God of Beards, Chet Faker announced this week his first full length album will be out in April via Aussie super-label, Future Classic. Talk Is Cheap is Faker’s latest jam and it’s smooth, sexy, lo-fi; everything this soulful singer has built a reputation on. With added sax.

Hozier follow’s Chet Faker rather nicely, with his gospel vocals, pleading tones and mega-rousing chorus. This Irish lad sings of loneliness and worldly woes on his Take Me To Church EP which he released at the end of 2013.

Not yet clear of her teenage years, Kenzie May has a firm grip of the London R&B scene. She’s sassy and sexy and Skeleton Key is by far her most mature piece of music creation.

UK producer Tourist built a solid reputation for himself over the past two years on the electronic scene, making a selection of euphoric and melancholic cuts and remixing some of the best commercial artists. Stepping up his game in 2014, he’s teamed up some vocalists for his Patterns EP, due next month. I Can’t Keep Up features the passionate Will Heard and will no doubt mark a change of direction for Tourist – towards a larger fan base.


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