CORD Entertainment heads to Jerez!

Lotus Formula One contracted CORD to produce the this season’s promotional reel for the team. While we can’t show you the finished product just yet (or the car for that matter!) we’ve put together a few photos of the shoot.
Day 1:
 4:30AM Heathrow: Trish, our lovely Production Co-ordinator/resident translator, looks chipper while Charles, our 1st AD is still a bit of a zombie.


We arrive in Spain with the crew and all 10 equipment bags accounted for. Whew!


At the track we’re greeted by several Lotus lorries.


Our fearless leader, Damon, Charles and Trish check out the track.


Damon greets Rob from Unlimited Productions to discuss how to utilise his remote control helicopter Go-Pro rig during filming.


Day 2:
One of the benefits of a flat tyre at the race track…


Damon and driver, Pastor Maldonado, go over interview questions.


For a few scenes we used a super slow motion camera. Here you see Trish helping emulate a sweat bead dripping down Pastor’s temple by squeezing a wet paper towel over his head. The things we do for film!


Pastor has a quiet moment on the track.


Since we’re contractually obligated to keep the F1 car under raps, here’s another Lotus sitting outside the garage.


And the crew.


And Pastor’s helmet.


That’s a rap folks. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve come up with in a few weeks!

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