CORD Friday Playlist #7

In the land down under, MT Warning have been gaining a fair bit of traction and they’re about to release their debut in March here in the UK. This is our favourite track, the soaring indie jam, Youth Bird.

NY band Figaro, make simple but incredibly catchy indie via folk with a stop off at rock. Moving Slowing is stripped back musical genius that will keep your toes tap pin’ for days.

Broods, as their name would suggest make dark, weighty pop music. Coattails is the latest cut taken from their rather good debut EP which you can stream here.

Hot off the digital press is Busy Earnin’ from London boys, Jungle.  The retro-funk vibes and earnest soulful vocals of this new track are a killer combo and perhaps the boys most likeable offering to date.

Taking things to floor with this aces disco re-rub of Suvi’s Bleeding For Your Love. UK producer **** throws a summery spin on Suvi’s downtempo tear jerker, and we just can’t stop grooving’.


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