CORD Friday Playlist #8

Glass Animals are crazy inventive and wonderfully eccentric, mixing R&B sentiments with experimental electronics. Gooey is every bit as whacky as it sounds.

You might want to dim the office fluorescent lights for this slow jam from London’s Shura. The lyrics of Touch  are, umm, well they’re touching actually. It’s a lovely song about love and lust and the emotional struggles between the two.

Moon Boots are a band from the states firming planting their flag in the middle of melodic synth-pop. Borrowing sassy vocals from UK songstress Kyiki for Don’t Ask Why has an irresistibly bouncy groove.

Racing Glaciers create massive soundscapes that tell stories with both lyrics and sounds. The fluctuating cadence of Moths is so powerful you’ll have to stop everything you’re doing and just listen…

Catfish and the Bottlemen are a 4 piece from Wales headed up by super charismatic frontman Van McCann. Last year they were signed to Communion and Zane Lowe has featured a couple of their tracks as Hottest Record In The World. They make empowering indie and are one of the best live bands you’ll see this year.



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