CORD Friday Playlist #10

Monogem bring a host of psychedelic synths and sun-drenched dreamscapes from California. Their latest track Wait & See is the duo’s first official single and sums up the minimal pop vibe that’s super popular right now.

From West to East – Prinze George are NYers but they have a distinctly Swedish vibe.  This is their thumper of a new track, This Time. Definitely a band to watch this year.

Thumpers’ new track Tame should give them a boost in the popularity ranks. Percussive, tribal, full of carnival vibes and jumpy high hats, this is a different sound for the London band. Reminds us of the lovely Jinja Safari….

A nice segue into Pepa Knight (front man of Jinja Safari) who has been experimenting in the solo sphere. And what glorious results! Rahh! is a colourful anthem of joy and celebration. A real mood enhancer.

Finishing off with something a little profound from a singer-songwriter RHODES of Hitchin, UK. His stunning vocals are selling out shows across the UK…


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