CORD Friday Playlist #14

Sharon Van Etten’s new album Are We There is but a few weeks away. Every time The Sun Comes Up is a glorious slow-burner that’s hugely addictive, while providing an insight into the life of Etten. ‘Every time the sun comes up I’m in trouble…’

Racing Glaciers is the band name on every music geek’s lips at the moment. They have a new EP out in its June, and it’s brilliant (we’re lucky enough to have heard it.)

Brighton’s Phoria have just released a new goose-pimple inducing single, Emenate which is due out in June on their Display EP.

UK producer FYFE, who has managed to clock up over a million plays on Soundcloud has released a new single, For You. It’s a confident return for the 24 year old Paul Dixon who will be playing at The Great Escape this weekend.

Pharrell has been owning the airwaves lately, but his track Brand New featuring Justin Timberlake didn’t seem to grab people’s attention like it should. New producer Slinger has given it a little re-rub and it’s now making its way to the top of the Hype Machine chart.



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