Kaufland and CORD record ‘Kiss Me’

CORD always looks for opportunities to work with brands and agencies beyond the borders of the UK and US. Our relationship with Poland started when Laura joined the company almost a year ago. Step by step – license after license – we received more engaging and challenging briefs from our almost-neighbours.

The peak of our relationship so far was reached when 7 people embarked on a trip to the Island to witness the re-record of a track for Kaufland’s new campaign. Kaufland is a German supermarket chain comparable to ASDA and Morrisons.

Those involved, who had all been working on that project for several months, came from Scholz & Friends Warsaw (agency), Easy Hell (production house), Kaufland polish divisions (client), Tracks & Fields (licensee) – and the director from Berlin representing himself.

The chosen track “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer was about to be re-recorded in West London’s Wendyhouse studio. Stars like Jessie J, 1D, Duffy, John Legend and Amy Winehouse have captured their music in those four walls. Not too shabby!

CORD was set the task to re-record the song in 4 arrangements: Dynamic, Delicate, Rock and Christmas. Day 1 was reserved for instruments such as drums (thanks Jonty for the drum lesson), guitar and bass. Day 2 was reserved for vocals. CORD chose two stylistically different vocals which together sound intriguing. The male vocal was rough and rocky whereas the female vocal was innocent and soft.

During 48 hours good-quality music had been created and relationships had been strengthened. This was the first time we had visitors over from Poland – CORD stand with open and welcoming hands inviting more.

Check out the results!



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