#TheSharedSong – CORD brings Coke & Crystal Fighters together…

We love music and tech, so we’re pretty chuffed to announce the release of a new app, #TheSharedSong that our Spanish office have created with McCann Madrid, Coca-Cola and the brilliantly quirky act, Crystal Fighters. The band have always sounded unusual. Now they’re upping their game by releasing new music in an unusual way – that no one else ever has done before!

#TheSharedSong app contains four stems of Crystal Fighters’ new song, Love Alight – vocals, guitars, percussion and synths – which you can listen to one at a time….or all together if you’re with 3 friends! The app synchronises the stems when they are played from four different devices. The song is not available anywhere else. Not the radio, not the web. Just the app.

CORD searched and licensed the track Love Alight, supervised, mixed and mastered the stems for the app which you have to be in Spain to download.

Crystal Fighters (currently on tour in Spain) are known for encompassing multiple genres such as folk, pop and dance adding their signature Basque instrument, the txalaparta, which is similar to the xylophone. They’ve played some of the biggest festivals in the world and now they’re working with one of the world’s biggest brands!

Check out the promo video below (in Spanish!) and see the app in motion here.




Love Alight – Crystal Fighters
McCann Spain – Coca Cola
Giant Men Management: Rich Austen Smith, Tom King
Universal Publishing: Mar González, Rafael Artero
PIAS: Charles Fitzgerald, Félix Suarez
Music Supervision by CORD Spain
Ejecutive Direction, Anthony Vanger
Head of Music International, Edward Hoyland
Ejecutive Production, Jaime Nieto
Music Supervisors: Ana de Jorge Ladrero, Irene Salamanca
Music Planner: Monica Manubens
Stems Remixing: Eduardo Macias




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