CORD Friday Playlist #15

Brighton’s Fink have a new album – Hard Believer – out on July 14 on Ninja Tune.  Looking Too Closely is a profound mix of pop, indie and folk that will have you examining your life and thought processes, working out ways to be a better person. Pre-order and catch them on tour here.

Stateside producer Porter Robinson has been topping the Hype Machine with this summer chillwave anthem Sad Machine that dropped this week. Distorted synths, chubby bass and a twinkly melody make for a must have download.

Ella Eyre has just released her DEBUT single despite already being a household name. The biggest hair do in pop music has released If I Go, produced by Jarred Rogers (Lana Del Ray, Mark Ronson etc.) and has echoes of the those big Rudimental hooks, but this time it’s all Ella’s.

This is almost unrecognisable track from The Black Keys. They’ve turned down the energy a notch on their new track Weight Of Love, which is taken from their forthcoming album, Turn Blue. It be lacking in excitement, but that’s replaced with a touch of chilled psyche-magic.

This is a rude interruption to was has been a pretty chilled playlist.  Whack up the volume and stamp on the clutch ‘cos Come On Over from Royal Blood will carry you all the way through the weekend with it’s big and filthy, sexy bass guitar jams.


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