CORD Friday Playlist #16

Welcome in the long weekend with this gorgeous sunny anthem Tonight from Bristol band, Coasts. The 5-piece indie-pop act are releasing a new EP Oceans in the next few weeks, perfectly timed for what’s promising to be another great summer.

Ding dong, rap legends Jurassic 5 calling! This is the boys’ first track since their reunion and they’ve borrowed some White Stripes for The Way We Do It. This is their first new tune in 8 years and they definitely haven’t forgotten how to make a hip-hop jam.

You can literally bank on Banks and her ability to make sexy, bassy cuts. Her debut album modestly titled Goddess is one you should absolutely pre-order.

James Bay is a long haired, back to basics singer-song writer from Hitchin. He makes hauntingly beautiful songs to wilt knees and break hearts. Let It Go is taken from his EP of the same which you can download here.

What a set of lungs Sam Smith has! You’ll no doubt have sung along to this gospel inspired one, but have you heard all the remixes floating around the net? This is our favourite from Swiss producer Black Space.


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