CORD Friday Playlist #18

SG Lewis

Reading’s own SG Lewis (DJ/Producer) is one to watch; off the back of his remix of PATRÌCE’s Smoke and Mirrors. SG Lewis collaborated with UK based vocalist Josh Barry to create this dreamy, soulful track.  His incredibly clean production is refreshing to the ears and we hope he has more in the pipeline.


This electronic pop duo from the Lake District are creating some rather nice music! Combining new interesting sounds with warm, dreamy, melodic vocals these two are creating a beautiful, chilled vibe. Smothered in rich harmonies this duo can take you too a magical place. We’d suggest listening to their EP.

Maya Jane Coles

The multi-talented Maya Jane Coles is a Producer, Engineer and DJ born in London with Japanese routes. Although she produces across a few different genres, including Dubstep and Electronic Dub, her Remix of Little Dragon’s Ritual Union is something everyone should have in there iTunes Top 25 Playlist. Keeping the laid-back nature of the original, she has taken it to an interestingly sinister place. Dare we say that her remix is better than the original!?

Ásgeir Trausti

This Icelandic gem weirdly trained as a javelin thrower, but thank goodness he picked up the guitar! His warm vocals infused with electronic elements and some great acoustic guitar playing is influenced by many different genres. Named as ‘song of the day’ by KEXP back in October Ásgeir Trausti’s album sold out on the first week of release in Iceland. Fantastic vibes!


Liverpool based producer Dillistone is fairly knew on the block and we really hope he sticks around. His glitchy beats and massive bass lines topped with Laurel’s dreamy, expressive vocals create a head-nodding track. A fun fact for you; all the spoken “Hello’s” are Laurels sound engineer. Both Dillistone and Laurel are worth keeping an eye on.

Collectors Club

Indie Rock/Pop band Collectors Club from Middlesbrough are creating a raw, summer sound. Their catchy guitar riffs are sure to stick in your head and what a voice he has, complimented brilliantly but some very well produced drums and bass. We feel they will go far with their infectious sound.


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