Our Favourite Cannes Lions Campaigns

As the dawn of the 27th Cannes Lions Festival is almost breaking, we take a sneaky look at some of the entries we think are truly brilliant.

Our head office is based in London and half of the team take to the manic roads of the hectic city in rush hour armed with only two wheels and a helmet for protection. We can’t help but be in total awe of the Samsung Maestro’s Academy Smart Bike.  After attaching your Samsung to the handle bars, lasers project a cycle lane onto the road and provide a rear view video helping you to navigate the road. Safety aside, we love this idea because it takes wearable tech to the next level, giving it an undeniable purpose and defined argument for why it should become part of our daily lives.

Google Chrome experiments are nothing new, but this venture with The Hobbit is something pretty special.  A Journey Through Middle Earth brings full 3D exploration to mobile in a fully interactive and throughly immersive journey through another world. We’ve also had the pleasure of working on The Hobbit  with Harper Collins – see our adaptive audio app, The Visual Companion here.

In 1989, the legendary Ayrton Senna drove what was then the fastest-ever Formula 1 qualifying lap. His driving data was recorded by pioneering Honda technology, and the lap was reproduced last year in a stunning installation of light and sound. We are huge F1 fans at CORD and are currently working closely with Lotus F1 so we are particularly inspired by the bench mark for creativity this incredible campaign has set.

The Adidas “Basketball Is Everything” ad is the ultimate proof that, despite its many years, the iconic sports brand has still got it. The reel shows how fans of all ages are given the opportunity to  jump with Derrick Rose at one of Adidas’ pop-up shops. Other than being just really cool (as can be expected of anything related to Adidas), this reel manages to showcase the brand’s timelessness by featuring a  remixed hip-hop version of Verdi’s ‘Dies Irae’, further enforcing Adidas’ reputation as one of the pioneering brands of the past century in its ability to appeal to all generations.

It is common knowledge that anything involving Fiona Apple is bound to tug at a few heartstrings. Pair her earthy vocals  with a beautiful animation by Moonbot Studios and the results are a heart warming adventure in which a scarecrow escapes evil industrialisation and opens his own restaurant in the countryside (think “John Lewis Christmas ad in New Mexico”). This unexpectedly poignant offering from Chipotle has been the one of the hot topics in the advertising world and one of the favourites to win for this year’s Lions.





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