We think these will be music winners at Cannes

We wouldn’t be who we are if we didn’t geek out about the music used in commercials and campaigns. Here are some of the entries we think are particularly swell…

Wieden + Kennedy’s #SingItKitty makes you feel invincible, a bit like the agency who created it.

Saatch & Saatchi tackle a tough problem out of content with humour. This is creativity for a good cause and it really works, especially when you can sing along to a karaoke classic!

For those who do not understand the lingo, this German supermarket chain and Jung von Matt/Elbe have created a sillier, sexier version of the M&S ‘this isn’t just chocolate etc.’ ads. This isn’t just a supermarket; everything they sell is super-sexy / super-geil. With an almighty serving of tongue-in-cheek humour and a dash of raunchiness the track (and performance) take the ad into next-level memorability and share-ability.

Forsman Bodenfors of Sweden demonstrate the power of simplicity, reinforced by the strength of a perfect musical companion (Enya) in Volvo’s quite frankly awesome ad with Van Damme.

This is nowness. The classic Levi’s ad of today, but for Lacoste instead. Made possible by a trio of unstoppable forces in contemporary electronic music; Disclosure, Doolittle and Flume.

What maketh the man? Attitude! This Guinness commercial from AMV BBDO challenges the labels we stick on our lives and carries a powerful message through the fully loaded track, What Makes A Good Man. Hats off to the team who chose the track, for it maketh the ad.


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