Cannes Lions: so far so storytelling…


The words on everyone’s lips at Cannes Lions this year aren’t just pass the bubbles; they are storytelling, planning and embracing the disruptive.

CORD’s Young Lions have been moving and shaking around the seminars soaking up information that will influence our future music strategies.

Tyler Crowley, the founder of the tech event Launch Festival summed up humans perfectly when he said ‘brains are not made for power points, brains are made for stories’. Spike Jonze spoke the truth when he said ‘good ideas need brave people’ while sat on Sapient Nitro’s infamous Meet The Disruptors panel. Speaking of disruption, the concept of ‘planning’ is about to get a huge shake up too! MCCP – The Planning Agency make the very valid point that planning isn’t just a strategic process – it’s creative too. A fact we’ve proved to our clients at CORD.

This comes down to the exploitation of data: stop seeing this stuff as just numbers and facts. It’s time to tell amazing stories and distribute them properly. We’ll look into these themes in more detail next week. In the meantime check out the The Grand Prix winners of last night:

Creative Effectiveness: Adobe “Guilt Trips”

Promo & Activation: Harvey Nichols “ Sorry I spent it on Myself”

PR: Chipotle “The Scarecrow”





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