Under The Mud: Glastonbury Tech

ee glasto

Glastonbury may not be the first festival that comes to mind when thinking about tech, but there’s a surprising amount hiding underneath the dirt.

If you’ve wondered why your Facebook newsfeed was bombarded more than usual with #magic #glastonbury #moments, thank EE. The mobile network made their presence felt in many ways starting with the official festival app and mobile charging for everyone on every network.  They shipped in 5 masts on lorries each hosting 100 transmitters to ensure mud-covered music lovers were able to stay in touch with social media and to ensure those at home felt a (dry) pang of sofa born misery.

Artist Hank Kruger, who has worked on Glastonbury art projects since the 80s helped serve up WiFi hotspots disguised as fri’EE’sian cows. The high speed herd of fibre glass animals helped spread the moosick from the stage to screens at home.


Toilets may not be as high tech as data transfer rates, but 5000 new long-drops costing £600k are the latest in eco-lav tech- and are not to be sniffed at.  The reluctance to flush traditional plastic portaloos helped fuelled the new saw-dust-scoop toilets that are supposed to eliminate the smell and even come with a coat hook. Futuristic!

Worthy Farm saw the man everyone wishes was their uncle, David Attenborough unveil his 3D Journey. A glasses-free 3D experience hosted at the Greenpeace CliMAX .

davidattenborough2 (1)

This year Glastonbury was ‘contactless’ in 25 of the main bars. But the future is cashless. Digital wristbands mean that punters no longer have to deal with lost cash or soggy notes. Lollapolooza will be the first US festival to roll out ‘tap and pay’.


Now all we need is an app to control the weather and we’re all set for next year.


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