The Digital Revolution at The Barbican

School may be out for summer but that didn’t stop the Cord kids from embarking on their very own trip to The Barbican’s Digital Revolution! Since kicking off in early July, this immersive and interactive exhibition has gained considerable hype for pushing the boundaries of music, film, architecture and game design through the use of digital media.

photo (5)

The list of contributors to the exhibition is a who’s who of some of the most influential people and brands in modern creative culture such as Bjork, Alfonso Cuaron and Google – all seemingly different creatives with the same objective: to show how videogames, music, films and the senses can be re-invented and innovated by augmented reality, artificial intelligence, wearable technologies, 3-D printing and most importantly… lasers!

There’s multiple rooms – including Digital Archaeology, We Create, and Creative Spaces and Sound and Vision – which featured an array of displays playing innovative video works with accompanying headphones numbered to match the works on each panel. We also were introduced to some of the incredible ways music can combine with technology to produce awe-inspiring work, like with Pyramidi, complete with robotic instruments housed in octahedral enclosures and a giant 3D projection of’s face.

Digital Revolution Installation At The Barbican Centre

Technological breakthroughs aside, Digital Revolution also makes your childhood wishes come true: Always wanted to be able to fly? They’ve got that covered with Virtual Birds, which not only gave us wings but also gave us an excuse to flail about like lunatics in a desperate attempt to take off into the virtual unknown. Finally we headed downstairs to the Pit and into the depths of the Forest. Without giving away too much, this interactive laser installation created by Marshmallow Laser Feast (best concept for a rave ever?) proved to be an endless source of entertainment until some of us decided it was home time, whilst others went for the distinctly more grown up option of heading to the bar with their £1 drink vouchers (Could this place get any better?).

Whichever way we decided to end our experience at the Barbican, one thing was definitely agreed on: as far as summer holiday activities go, Digital Revolution gets an A+.


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