Harrods Shoe Heaven & Stiletto Wars

Do you get your kicks from shoe shopping? We’ve been walking on sunshine (bahaha) since producing music for Harrods’ new gaming app – Stiletto Wars.  It’s part of the Shoe Heaven campaign; a shopping experience for people who can’t enough of footware.

“Harrods launched the Harrods Magazine app in April 2012,” said Deborah Bee, director of creative marketing at Harrods, London. “The award-winning monthly digital edition of the magazine is very popular internationally – with nearly 100,000 downloads across the world – and the interactive features significantly increase dwell time, especially the onscreen beauty tester, The Make-up Studio.

“Creating a game was the next logical step for the Harrods Magazine app,” she said. “Gaming is such an intrinsic part of our culture – it is the number one activity on mobiles in terms of time spent, dwarfing even Facebook. Interactivity is a key part of today’s magazine world, bringing the printed issue to life with videos, games and interactive features.

Download the Harrods mag app here and watch the Shoe Heaven video we supervised the music for below.



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