Listen to our musical tribute to Lewis’ 2nd World title…

Hamilton gets kissed on the helmet!

The greatest day of my life” is how Lewis Hamilton described taking 2014 Formula One Driver’s Championship yesterday in Abu Dhabi.


(Source: BBC News)

hamilton 2

(Source: Sky Sport News)

Presumably he wasn’t only referring to receiving a smacker on the helmet from Nicole Scherzinger (see photo) although that would make for a pretty good day for any other bloke from Stevenage.

More likely, he was referring to winning the greatest prize in motorsport for a second time – and he’s only the fourth Brit to ever achieve multiple world titles.


(Source: Reuters)


(Source: Reuters)

It was a surprisingly straightforward race from which Lewis Hamilton sealed the title, after a tumultuous season very nearly decimated by technical failures.

But in the end, Hamilton managed to beat Rosberg in style, the German suffering from loss of power and limping to the end (sad face).

Prince Harry was straight on the radio – course he was – as relieved as we all were that ol Lewis managed to get it across the line in one piece.

We can’t all be millionaire F1 drivers and popstar girlfriends, but to celebrate a British sportsperson actually winning – and encourage you all to go out and be winners – here’s a motivational playlist from us that should bring tears to everyone in the Rosberg family.


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