CORD Attends… Lily & Madeleine at Bush Hall

Proving that they’re more than just (very) pretty faces, Mid-western modern minstrels Lily & Madeleine are touring the globe following the release of their second album, ‘Fumes’.

Last night, we left Bush Hall in a daze after being treated to the Jurkiewicz sisters’ sweet melodies tinged with charming eeriness. The venue’s intimate atmosphere allowed the enraptured audience to be taken on a journey through Americana as we listened to sung tales of love, life and death. However the underlying quirkiness of the dreamy duo’s stage presence ensured that their set wasn’t all doom and gloom, but rather a haunting, heavenly break from the humdrum of the Big Smoke.

For a sneak preview of what the songwriting siblings have to offer, check out ‘The Wolf is Free’ (to be enjoyed with a cup of tea and a melancholic mood):

‘Fumes’ is now available for download on iTunes:


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