CORD Attends… Fink at Koko

Last week we told you about funk… now it’s all about Fink. We’re not talking about a dodgy 70s sub-genre but about Brighton-based songwriter/producer/techno label owner/lawyer (yes, really!) currently touring his latest release, Hard Believer, under new Ninja Tune imprint R’COUP’D.

Fans of post-apocalyptic programmes might already be familiar with ‘Warm Shadow’ after it featured in an episode of ‘The Walking Dead’. However last night’s sold-out show at Koko proved that Fink is also perfectly capable of creating a fantastical, intimate (and thankfully zombie-free) atmosphere with his mid-tempo gems and deep, velvety tones – prompting an audience member to dub him “an unshaven Sam Smith”.

Though not exactly as much of a vocal acrobat as the classy crooner, Fink (real name Fin Greenall) certainly didn’t lack in emotion or stage presence as he guided us through a setlist of folk-tinged grinding grooves. In the end, we left with the same warm, fuzzy feeling we get after we’ve just delved into a hot cup of chocolate… then went home and had a real one.

Get your free download of the title track here:


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