Meet the residents of Treehouse Number 9 in our Jeans for Genes Day app!


There’s a lot of denim being worn in advertising offices this season, but never has there been a better reason to wear it than to support a very special project. So while you wear your double denim and go about your working day, take a moment to enjoy the buzz of the new audio music app that CORD have created, and that we are proud to announce is now available to download for iPad from the App store.

CORD (or more specifically our adaptive audio division CAAST, headed up by the notorious Elias Constantopedos) has created an audio music storybook called The Treehouse At Number 9, free to download and with a unique in App donate button that goes straight to the charity behind the Jeans for Genes Day campaign.   The story is about a gang of fantastic kids, ‘all a little different from their toes up to eyelids’ and the illustrations, message and music combine perfectly to create a very entertaining and charming offering.


Created by the lovely Sara Jackson (wife of Daniel, our CEO) and her creative partner Karen Shooter, The Treehouse At Number 9 has been a labour of love and personal triumph for the pair. Sara combines her day job in TV drama with her needs as mother to two boys, one with two very rare genetic disorders, and is passionate about the power of stories to raise awareness.

Having always written stories, a few years ago Sara lead a J4G assembly at a local school, and was inspired by the films provided that showed real kids living their lives to the full, despite some very complicated genetic disorders.

Determined to raise awareness for the charity’s campaign to celebrate the impact its existence has on the lives of families like theirs, Sara and graphic designer Karen decided to create a new story.

Fast forward a few years and with the creation of the music and App capability provided by Elias and CAAST, plus the narration of the Jackson kids alongside some gorgeous illustrations, The Treehouse At Number 9 was born.

We are proud of the App and very hopeful for all it can achieve. We hope you enjoy it too.

To download click here.






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