CORD Attends… Seasick Steve at Club 229

“No one has ever heard these songs played live before… Hell, even we haven’t heard ourselves play these.” These Southern-drawl drenched words were uttered by none other than Seasick Steve at last night’s preview show for his upcoming album, Sonic Soul Surfer, set for release in March 2015. That alone was enough reason to power through our tiredness (we were still recovering from Slash) to take part in the exclusive event. And boy, was it worth it.

The low-key, intimate atmosphere of Club 229 was the perfect setting for the short but sweet set showcasing Seasick Steve’s new material. Pair that with the bottle-swiggin’ band members and myriad of banjos and cigar-box guitars, and you’ve got your very own taste of the Deep South in Warren Street.

In a similar way to Lily & Madeleine’s gig last week, the night’s musical offering was strongly rooted in the story-telling Americana style. Though equally enrapturing, the songs’ subject matter were rather different to that of the melancholic mid-Western sisters. The tales told by Steve were instead driven by his personal past and present experiences of youth, survived hardships and… getting drunk on moonshine with your friends. All washed down with a display of incredible strumming skills (“This thing on my finger is a sewing thimble” – who needs picks, right?) and unimitable charisma.

Cheers to that!

Seasick Steve’s new album, ‘Sonic Soul Surfer’, is set for worldwide release on 23 March 2015.

Check out the preview for ‘Bring It On’ on iTunes:


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