CORD Attends… Saint-Pepsi at Birthdays

You know you’ve hit the big time if you’ve made it on one of Buzzfeed‘s lists – even more so if it happens to be “13 Obscure Pop Songs From 2014 You Need To Hear”. Though perhaps ‘obscure’ is not necessarily the best term to describe Ryan DeRobertis a.k.a. Saint-Pepsi, for a number of reasons.

1. Since the release of his debut Hit Vibes in 2013, the Boston College graduate’s eclectic disco-pop style has been featured in The Fader, Stereogum and PItchfork. With each music blog’s following as big as the last, it’s no wonder that Saint-Pepsi has become a talking point as one of the stand-out emerging acts of the year.

2. Refer back to 1. What’s so obscure about disco-pop? Yes, perhaps Buzzfeed didn’t mean ‘obscure’ in that sense. But then that makes us wonder… how can the epically danceable Fiona Coyne  not have broken the mainstream in the same way as any Todd Terje track?

We would have asked ourselves this question earlier, but we were too busy  bopping our way into what can only be described a musical time machine. In a packed Birthdays on a chilly Monday night, Saint-Pepsi transported us back to the summer of ’14. Though the self-appointed Ambassador of Vaporwave’s synth-heavy set-up and Mario Kart samples were reminiscent of 80s, we remained (partially) in the present as we fought for a place in the front to ensure we were fully immersed in feel-good, funky escape from wintertime reality.

Saint-Pepsi’s new album is set for release next year.

In the meantime you can stream ‘Hit Vibes’ here:


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