CORD Attends… Young Fathers at XOYO

Anyone questioning Young Fathers’ reception of the 2014 Mercury Prize should go and see them live. Assuming they can actually get hold of a ticket to one of their sell-out shows.

Not that the Big Dada representatives need an award to define their career – the Edinburgh-based noise rappers were playing to packed venues well before they were even nominated.  That being said, if merit was measured by the diversity of the artists’ audience, then Young Fathers’ win would be undisputed.

Last night’s set led to a discovery of characters different not just from XOYO’s ‘usual’ crowd, but from any attendant expected to be at a hip-hop gig. We could expand on our point by instead labelling those present as ‘suits’ and ‘punks’, but that would just contradict our aim to dispel the age-old notion of stereotype. No audience member – big or small, old or young, from East or West – was exempt from Young Fathers’ explosive set of un-coordinated call-and-response chants and pseudo-boyband choreography… a refreshingly unpolished show to contrast the prestigious title of the Mercury Prize.

In fact, the trio’s near-impossible feat of appealing to anyone and everyone is a reminder that Young Fathers are indeed winners. We’re not talking about awards here, just great music.

Stream Young Fathers’ latest latest EP, Dead, here:


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