CORD are at CES!

1 hoverboard

Where are the hover boards?

Look, we take your point. 2015 was supposed to be the year of the hoverboard. We were promised hoverboards for 2015, and they’re simply not here.

You’re right to be angry. Trouble is, it depends on anti-gravity… er, thingies, and like it or not, we’re just going to have to wait a bit longer.

Much more impressive than this far-flung dream is that CES is serving us up the actual, real future.

Now, how cool is that?

CES is the annual tech conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, and in the past it’s showcased major game-changing product launches like the VCR, CD, Camcorder, Commodore 64, The Nintendo Entertainment System, DVD, HDTV, Xbox, 3D HDTV, driverless car technologies and curved OLED Ultra High HD TV.

Day 1 – our favourite stuff at CES so far

Intel are bringing us The Actual Future.

It was all about Intel on Tuesday, and their keynote was excellent, theatrical, even entertaining at times – and we didn’t even cringe once.

CEO Brian Krznich opened by saying that 2015 would take us in a new direction, one where our interactions with technology would become 3D.

To illustrate this, they introduced RealSense, which is a depth sensing imaging technology – much like a camera but one that is depth aware.

3 Intel RealSense Drone 2

What’s that good for then?

Well, it can understand your gestures, allowing Minority report control of your device, and new Dell tablets will come with it pre-loaded.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Intel have equipped drones with RealSense, which are aware of people and can navigate obstacle courses with frightening ease.

2 Intel RealSense drone 1

Apart from RealSense, Intel covered off Wearable tech, by showing us a computer the size of a button, called Curie. Theatrically popped off Krznich’s suit jacket, and including sensors, Bluetooth and a coin sized battery, this is a hugely impressive feat, and a really exciting platform which will surely change the game of wearable tech.

Buttons, rings, pendants and bags are suggested applications, but the potential for a computer this small is huge.

Marshall boomboxes and headphones

7 Marshall 2

If you love the Marshall heritage, one of these cool speakers for your living room is an absolute must.

We figured it’d be style over substance, and were dubious about the sound quality, but to be fair, for the price it’s pretty decent even on the smaller units.

Marshall claim they have built in their signature sound into these products, and they certainly sound “loud”.

6 Marshall 1

Getting up close and personal with massive 4K UHD OLED screens

8 Skyworth 1

At the Skyworth stall we were impressed by the scale and quality of these 4K UHD beasts. Comparing with HD side by side really showed the immense clarity of these displays.

A magnifying glass placed in front of each display lets you get down to pixel level and fully appreciate just what an engineering feat this is.

9 Skyworth 2


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