8 Things About Music Strategy Every Brand Guardian Should Know


Click image above 

A brand is made up of many different things. A killer market positioning, that’s unique versus the competition. Impactful creative ideas that are integrated across touchpoints. And much more besides. Every Brand Guardian knows it’s important to get these things right to win consumer’s attention, their hearts and minds. Music then, should be treated with the same care and attention to detail. Not just on a spot by spot basis – one TV ad at a time – but robust strategies that offer flexibility of musical assets across 360 touchpoints and different types of consumer. Millard Brown say ‘the strategic use of music and sound has a direct effect on consumer engagement during brand communications’, in fact ‘brand recognition, memorability and likeability increase when branding and music are combined’. So let Cord help you take the subjectivity out of music planning and get it right for your brand. If you’re a Brand Guardian yourself – Brand Manager, Creative Director, Planner – check out our infographic. Get asking the right kinds of questions about music, get inspired…


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