Day 3 at CES International

Pono – Neil Young’s High Quality Audio player 

Our Favourite Canadian has been plugging away at Pono for a while now so it’s really great to finally see the launch of the Pono player. You’d think selling a couple of records would mean people might take you seriously when you talk about the need for high quality digital audio, but Ol’ Neil had to get on Kickstarter just like everyone else in the end.


So it’s a high quality audio device. Why do we need that then?

Taking the image analogy, the MP3s are like really small, pixelated images. You may be surprised to hear that, relative to the master, or even the humble CD, we’re all walking around listening to terrible quality music.

Pono gives you audio which is like a much, much larger image without any ‘pixelation’.

The device itself will be on sale for about £250, and there’s an online catalogue which you can buy the higher quality music from. That’s not cheap – but if you’re serious about your music you’ll be amazed at how much better it sounds at higher quality.


Sony Walkman ZX2

Sony have re-re-launched the Walkman (again), this time with a high quality audio version which seems to be taking on Pono (see above).
Their equivalent costs about a grand, but it does boast better battery life and connectivity.cessonywalkman001.0

SMS (50 cent) headphones

It would be tempting to write something about how multi-millionaire grammy-award winning rappers just aren’t satisfied with the success of their careers these days, but on this occasion, we’ll refrain.


These headphones have been made in conjunction with Intel and monitor your heartrate optically while you work out.
This has been done before, but what’s unique is the ability to draw power from the 3.5mm jack on your smartphone, so they don’t need charging.

At the moment, it’s exclusive to the RunKeeper app, but more will support it later this year.

Monster backfloat

Monster have launched a floating waterproof bluetooth speaker called the backfloat.
It’s got a shock-proof case, and a noise-cancelling microphone so you can use it to take calls on your phone.

It’s just perfect for all those pool parties we have here in the UK.

Which is shame because there’s no plans to launch it here yet.



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