Belle and Sebastian – Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance

With eight albums into a career spanning two decades, anyone would excuse Belle And Sebastian if they ever wanted to retire early to spend the rest of their days sunning themselves on a private island. In fact, with five years since the release of 2010’s Write About Love, we had assumed just that.

Little did we know about the Glaswegian pop-folk band’s plan to pull a D’Angelo with the surprise release of Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance. Equally unexpected is the presence of a synth-pop twist dominating the album’s 12 songs:  from punchy Pet Shop Boys-esque ‘The Party Line’ to the seven-minute epic ‘Enter Sylvia Plath’, Belle and Sebastian have decidedly strayed from their usual mellow feel-good folk-pop.

Despite this, last night’s playback at Soho’s Milk & Honey proved that they are still very much capable of crafting the light, intimate melodies that are worlds apart from the anthemic offerings of Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers.

Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance is set for release on Monday 19th January – check out the preview on iTunes. For those of you wanting some live action, find out if they’re playing near you on their upcoming 2015 tour!


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