Drum roll please… Whiplash is now out in the UK!

There are only two reasons to ever name a movie after a muscular strain:

1) If the film has been catapulted into a stratospheric level of success in a limited amount of time, and

2) If there have been cases where viewers lose the ability to physically withstand the explosive force of energy and talent presented in under 107 minutes of rolling, filling and cymbal-splashing.

Luckily for Whiplash, its name is completely justified. Anyone would be nursing a neck injury after being blown away by J.K. Simmons and Miles Teller’s exceptional performances… especially when the raw and jazz-heavy soundtrack perfectly mirrors the storyline, based on the tempestuous relationship between a jazz drummer and his pushy teacher.

In fact, such is the monumentality of the music’s role in Whiplash that it even has its own Twitter account. If seeing people coming out of the Odeon rubbing their napes isn’t enough to showcase the movie’s powerful merging with the music, you can check out the full soundtrack in our Film Score Library.


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