CORD Friday Playlist #22

First up, proof that everything Four Tet touches turns to gold – he can even rip it on the mbira (thumb piano). ‘Makondi’ is a collaboration between the legendary producer (too early to call him a legend?) and Emanative, covering an old Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell number. Props to Emanative’s pecussion which drives the track’s Afro-psych feels.

Drenge \m/

Aside from containing all the vowels, Danish producer Sekuoia (pronounced: anyone’s guess) is also responsible for producing some gorgeous ethereal electronic music. The drop around 2/3 of the way through ‘Somewhere’ is one that Dan Snaith would be proud of.

Royal is producer and songwriter from Washington D.C., whose recent EP ‘Cycles’ and rising popularity could lead to a global population explosion around October time

Saving the best for last, I doubt we’ll hear many more tragically beautiful songs than “My Baby Don’t Understand Me” by Natalie Prass this year. Try not to get goosebumps when you hear ‘what do you when that happens? / where do you go? / when the only home you know is with a stranger’. I dares you. And that percussion. Whatever, I’m calling this as a top 10 track come the end of the year.


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