CORD Friday Playlist #23

New London two-piece Oh Wonder have been on the yellow-brick-road for the past few months. Dropping a track every month, they’ve stopped traffic with their hard work.  Their signature mix of heady pop with a sharp edge and lyrical hooks is turning out to be the sound of 2015.

Part of the Brainfeeder and Ninja Tune clan, Lapalax has released a new intoxicating single from upcoming album Lustmore out on April 15. And lust is an appropriate word to include in the title. This is a producer who understands the relationship between mind, body, soul and music more than most. His tracks pull at the hairs on your next one strand at a time.

With Sundra Karma blaring from the headphones it feels like spring has well and truly sprung. The 4-piece indie-rock band from Reading have just landed airplay on Radio 1 with the infectious will-be hit Loveblood. Get ready to shatter any negative emotions, this one will put your headspace somewhere better.

Osca are a new band from London, their sound is grand, bold, beautiful. Comparisons to The Temper Trap and Coldplay have been made in the noise about them online. Sleeptalk is lovely, without being sickly-sweet in sentiments.

Royce Wood Junior from London is bringing the soul-funk to your Friday. His music is genre defying, moorish and very much his own sound. Midnight carries echoes of Michael Jackson, but his soundcloud is far more underground and worth digging around in. Order his upcoming album The Ashen Tang here.


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