CORD Attends… Sunset Sons @ Dingwalls

Struggling to come up with ideas for your beach holiday playlist? Don’t worry, Sunset Sons will sort you out. After all, anyone able to light up a dark Dingwalls through sheer presence is bound to make it in our summer soundtrack.

As it turns out, it wasn’t just the blinding coloured lightshow that made us want to grab our sunglasses – the UK/Australian surf rockers (who met in Hossegor, you can’t make this up) ensured the sell-out show was a stellar display of dance-ified covers (Bruce Springsteen’s’Dancing in the Dark’ being a highlight) and sun-kissed pop-punk bangers, our favourite (for now unknown) being one that was strongly reminiscent of ‘Brain Stew’- but if Green Day were from Big Sur, rather than Rodeo, CA.

As if we weren’t getting enough of the French Riviera experience, we even indulged in a bit of celeb spotting as RHODES and Laura Whitmore joined in the sing-a-longs and hand-clapping that dominated the short but sweet set.

The verdict: Essentially Cannes Lions in Camden, minus the rose.

‘The Fall Line EP’ is now available for download on iTunes:


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