CORD Attends… Tove Lo @ Koko

Monday nights are generally spent looking back at the weekend, reminiscing of lie-ins and cheat days. Last night took us  the way back to 1998… Maybe it was having the likes of Britney Spears and TLC busting out of the speakers before the show, or the array of hyper-gelled hair and mesh shirts (yes, really) on display, or the average age of the audience basically being what ours was 17 years ago – either way, Tove Lo’s performance at Koko was not so much a gig as a trip back in time.

Having written for the likes of Girls Aloud and fellow Swedes Icona Pop, as well as alongside pop overlord Max Martin, Tove Lo has become the torchbearer of pure, honest pop – the kind that talks about love and friendship, but is also laced with sexual innuendos and drug digs. The hour-long set was packed with wall-to-wall fist-pumping hits and power ballads delivering the emotional highs and lows of pre-teen mood swings – from the euphoric Habits (Stay High) to the brooding Got Love, and then to the anthemic Alesso-produced Heroes – yet packaged in a slick, controlled performance that commanded the sold-out venue.

Verdict: A trip down memory lane led by a Swedish pop princess.


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