What’s new in digital music platforms?

Download CORD’s overview of emerging digital music platforms here: 


Each year new digital music platforms emerge, changing the way music-lovers and consumers engage with music. The rise of digital means music is now more accessible than ever before, and more social too. The latest platforms facilitate easy track sharing, plus they encourage people to curate and share their own playlists to allow more and more people to influence the online music conversation.

New trends in digital music include services that aggregate existing music platforms, creating a space where users can tap into all their platforms under one roof. Also, streaming services for live music – perfect for DJ’s and musicians who want to promote their work. Finally, streaming services for high fidelity music, music with CD quality sounds as opposed to the poorer 320kbps offered by Spotify.

The changing digital landscape opens up innovative opportunities for brands. It creates new ways to engage consumers and boost brand love and loyalty. Here we explore some new players…




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