CORD Friday Playlist #35

Waterstrider are a tidal wave of a 5-piece from Oakland and this is their huge new track Frayed. They’re about to tour the states, but we’ll have to wait a while to see them in the UK.

American musician MAS YSA (or Thomas Arsenault to avoid pronunciation confusion) has finally announced the details of highly anticipated debut length album, Seraph out on July 24 via Create / Control + Download records. Since 2013 he’s been garnering a reputation as being a man with emotions with his titanic tunes.

Clay is a stunning number from HANA, with Blood Orange producing. Apparently Grimes and Lana Del Ray are obsessed with her.

After Tame Impala’s Cause I’m A Man we wondered if they were ditching the psyche-revival. Thankfully in Disciples they’re back in the game.

Doe Paoro’s music is as elegant as the name suggests. From NYC, she blends elements of post-dubstep with with ‘Lhamo’ – a vocally aerobic type of traditional Tibetan folk – which makes for a pretty unique sound.


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