CORD at The Audio Branding Awards 2015!

Luke Farmer, CORD London.

So we have some exciting news… Our CEO Daniel M Jackson and Head of Client Services David Marcus flew off to Berlin on Tuesday morning for the 2015 Audio Branding Awards. We were nominated for the ‘best works in the field of sonic branding’ award, following on from the success of our rather ‘fruitful’ project working with Unilever to create ‘The Sound of Fruttare’.

Check out this video case study to get a full flavour of the project:

Fruttare Sonic Branding Case Study from CORD on Vimeo.

Daniel presented a best practice case study speech at the Awards Gala yesterday outlining our unique and creative approach in more detail and we’re delighted to announce that CORD won the Bronze 2015 Audio Branding Academy award! Fingers crossed Daniel and David won’t be staying a while in Berlin, and we look forward to a fruity ice-cream fuelled celebration with them back in the office on Monday.

Happy friday!


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