Music at Cannes Lions: Gig Guide

Alyssa MacGregor-Hastie, CORD London.

We’ve already established why this year’s Cannes Lions is a big one for those who believe music is the way forward for future brand, tech and innovation strategies. The entire country has already taken the liberty of kicking things off with their annual Fête de la Musique, which saw pop, jazz and folk bands taking over the town’s streets and left us wanting more…

For those of you who need to get their gig fix in between all that networking and conferencing, here are a few to squeeze into your itineraries:

Monday 22nd

Google are doing things right by inaugurating the opening of their Beach with cocktail masterclasses, a barbecue DJ and fitness lessons… even partering up with YouTube’s music channel SBTV to host a series of live performances. We’ll be sipping our makeshift mojitos to the soulful tunes of London singer-songwriter Dionne Reid, drawing influences from Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder, and Bob Marley to bring our first proper day in Cannes to a chilled-out close (famous last words…).

Tuesday 23rd

Already shaping up to be the French Riviera’s version of Village Underground (we find ourselves there a lot…), we will be re-visiting Google Beach to get a feel of Leeds fourtet Skinny Living. Upbeat blues-tinged rock will definitely go down well for those who need a bit of a kick without aggravating that hangover from the previous night’s cocktail masterclass.

Wednesday 24th

OK. This is when it gets real. Wednesday marks the beginning of the three-day  Lounge Sessions series with Bondax at LBB Beach. Nuff said.

Thursday 25th

If there was ever an artist who could be synonymous to sea, sun and overall feel-good vibes, it would have to be Kiko Bun. Having already lit up a rainy Brighton at this year’s Great Escape, we’re looking forward to enjoying his reggae tunes in considerably warmer weather at LBB Beach.

Friday 26th

Friday is generally acknowledged as the last chance for Cannes to go crazy before delegates return to real life. So what better way to mark the end of an unforgettable week than with French trio We Were Evergreen, bringing an eclectic mix of electro-indie-pop to help you hold on to the last of your holiday until your early morning flight.

If you’re not content with ending your last day quite yet, the ever stealthy Ninja Tune have found a way to keep the party going… find yourself a Ninja in a super-secret location to get a wristband and gain access to their late-night party at midnight. We’re told three DJs from the legendary label will be providing the tunes – prompting us to start fantasising about our dream line-up (Romare, Bonobo, Seven Davis Jr… in case you were wondering). Either way, it will be epic.


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