Music at Cannes Lions: Our Winning Campaigns

Alyssa McGregor-Hastie, CORD London.


It’s been a good few days since it ended but we’re still feeling the effects of the infamous ‘Cannes comedown’. With Lions winners having partied through the week, and losers… well, pretty much doing the same, it’s time to face reality and return to our respective offices and houses with no seaview (sacrilege!).

Luckily, the flurry of follow-up emails and drinks meetings that ensue give us the chance to reminisce about our fantasy French Riviera lifestyle. In particular,  it was this year’s impressive line-up of musicians who led talks and panels that had us celebrating the increasing importance of music in the creative communications.

Here are a selection of our favourite award-winning campaigns that have also been victorious in their use of music:

Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger – Love Song:

To launch their weirdly-delicious-sounding Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger, American fast food chain Wendy’s turned fans’ tweets and Facebook posts about their new product into passionate love song lyrics, scored and performed by professional musicians for an original five-part online series. The result is as you’d expect: a hilarious ode to a greasy, gooey sandwich that has us clutching our bellies (for various reasons…)

NTT DoComo 3-Second Cooking “Super Fried Dumpling”:

Following in Wendy’s footsteps, Chinese mobile services company NTT DoComo’s campaign also comprises a humorous take on a national popular food: the almightly dumpling. The ad portrays a nail-biting race against time between 3G speed and some kind of super-fryer that can cook a dumpling in just three seconds. Cue explosions, catapults, and a bangin’ song which we don’t understand but fully approve of nevertheless.

Soundcloud Berlin Wall of Sound:
As much as we love seeing campaigns being commended for their comedy value, the 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Radio Jury made a somewhat more sombre pick for this year’s Grand Prix winner – a self-promotional piece for Soundcloud that depicts the Berlin Wall through audio.

It lasts more than seven and a half minutes, the time it takes for sound to travel the 155 kilometers of the wall. As it plays, the experience manifests in the Soundcloud audio visualizer in the shape of the wall itself, and along the way, the various sounds are tagged with the names and experiences of those who died near the wall trying to escape to their freedom. Watch the haunting but beautiful video here:

Here’s to next year!

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