Age-Rated Pop Videos: Why Everybody Wins

Daniel M Jackson, CEO, CORD London

Recent announcement that UK-produced pop videos will now carry a BBFC age rating was heralded as a victory for the Government in protecting our children from viewing inappropriate content.

This strikes us as the last thing it will do (any decent 10 year old can create a Google account stating they are over 18, which will unlock the content) but that’s not to say that we don’t think this is a positive move.

The big plus for Youtube and brands is that the age restrictions will encourage more people to sign-in, in order to unlock content. This means Google will have better data and more targeted advertising. The ability to filter out 18-rated content also has to be good for any brand looking to connect through music-targeted media buys.

The overall trend is towards a music industry that is growing up, being more mature and becoming responsible for its actions. That’s what makes this a great time for brands, platforms and consumers who love music content. There’s more content than ever, it’s engaging audience niches in many different ways and it’s all available to brands who want to target and engage with their audiences through the unique medium of music.



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