5 weird facts about festival-goers that brands need to know

By Sam Lebus & Hayley Cannon, CORD London.

It is clear that music fanatics far and wide associate summer with the huge array of festivals and the rituals that come with them. Where will I go this year? Who will headline? What line-up is most enticing? However, they are not the only ones who have festival fever. Brands are also going nuts for festivals, capitalising upon them as perfect opportunities to connect with consumers.

So if you’re the brand manager for a Telco, shoe or tequila brand, you might want to take note !

  1. Festival goers with smart-phones are 42% more likely to switch service providers than the general public
  2. 1-in-5 festival goers consume energy drinks, 32% more than the average consumer
  3. They are are 13% more likely to drink tequila and and 4% more likely to drink imported beers
  4. They are 19% more likely to use perfume
  5. 24% purchase footwear in the 3 months before the festival


festival goers and brands


Source: Nielson ‘A Sound Opportunity


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