Throwback Thursday: Jamiroquai – “Travelling Without Moving”

8nCrqae3Written by Sebastian Whyte.

Twenty years ago, before being polluted by Geordie Shore, Teen Mom & Ex On The Beach, MTV was dominated by one thing in particular that had everyone talking, a music video the likes of which nobody had ever seen before. “Virtual Insanity” was new, it was interesting and it captured your attention from the first piano chord.

To many this was the first taste of Jamiroquai, and what an introduction it was. Virtual Insanity introduced the world to the eclectic stylings of “Travelling Without Moving” and garnered Jamiroquai the international acclaim and attention they so rightly deserved. Though already established and heralded as a musical treasure in Europe it wasn’t until Jonathan Glazer’s music video hit the airwaves that the truly unique style of Jamiroquai’s music was fully appreciated.


It is incredibly rare to discover a group of musicians that are able deliver such a distinct sound, a sound so unique that no other band can possess or replicate it. Ultimately there really is no other group that present themselves quite like Jamiroquai.

They manage to communicate everything from smooth and soulful instrumentals to the dangerously funky thumping bass and intergalactic style synths. Even though Jamiroquai take inspiration from the music of the past, and perhaps structure themselves as a retro band, they somehow translate in an entirely modern and innovative way. Their music doesn’t sound like anything that has come before, there is clear sense of inspiration, however, they perform with their own individual edge


This individuality could not be more perfectly encapsulated than it is within “Travelling Without Moving”. Despite being a significant part of the early 90s Acid Jazz movement, none of the associated bands of Acid Jazz sounded really anything like Jamiroquai. Their ability to transition from one genre to the next and incorporate a variety of styles into one track is fully on display throughout  “Travelling Without Moving”.

“Travelling Without Moving” is an incredible set of musical indulgence, an album that harnesses the ability to completely relax you and then hit you with the sudden urge to dance.  It captures a group at a level of mutual understanding musically, mentally, and emotionally, beautifully recorded and mastered creating very punchy, crisp, warm, analog sound that has become the definitive sound of Jamiroquai.

“Travelling Without Moving” still hold the Guinness World Record for the best-selling funk album in history, an accolade that no doubt it still deserves today.

Remind yourself of the glorious “Virtual Insanity” video below:


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