CORD Highlights 2016: Dom and Luke

2016 has been a very exciting year for the CORD team so we thought it was only fair to share some of the teams highlights. The Sync and Comp guys Luke and Dom have been busy bees this year and their hard work and deduction has paid off. Here is is their highlights  from this year


Dom– Naughty or Nice Agent Provocateur



The Christmas ad, features two scenarios representing the duality of  the protagonist her ‘naughty’ and her ‘nice’ side. The interactive version of this video, which features on the Agent Provocateur website, allows the viewer to seamlessly switch between the two different scenes.It was fun finding one piece of music to tie the two worlds together… but which would encapsulate the darker duality tapped into by iconic directors like David Lynch and Kenneth Anger.  The final choice, ‘I’m A Little Christmas Cracker’ by Diana Decker is sweet, provocative and haunting all at once.



Luke – WWF Protect Tigers’ Campaign



A highlight of the year for me would be working on the music for the WWF charity ‘Protect Tigers’ campaign that went live on November 18. It is particularly rewarding to work on a cleverly constructed and emotive advertisement, especially one with such an important message behind it. I feel the music really did the campaign justice and it’s pleasing to see such a positive response already with lots of donations received.


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